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June 8, 2011
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Houston 3 Death Ray by wondermanrules Houston 3 Death Ray by wondermanrules

This is Coyote member Houston 3. A mystery woman who was implanted with cybernetics from OMAR scientists and turned into a ruthless killing machine whose only mission is to destroy the Vigilantes.

Houston 3 was a loyal member of the Coyotes and followed every order Sid Burn gave her throughout their reign of terror in the Midwest. Despite knowing what she was doing was wrong Houston could not break her control bracelet’s programming.

When the Vigilante’s attacks on the Coyotes become more frequent and devastating Sid Burn panicked and sent Houston 3 to track down Convoy, the Vigilante’s leader and destroy him. During this mission Houston 3’s curiosity about Convoy turned into admiration for the man and his cause.

When it finally came to their final confrontation Houston 3’s feelings for the Vigilante leader overrode her programming making her hesitate when she could have destroyed him which allowed the man to escape. Witnessing her fight the programming made Convoy determined to help her once he defeated Sid and the other Coyotes.

After losing Convoy, Houston 3 found herself the target of Vigilante member Slick Clyde who dogged her relentlessly. Houston 3’s weariness of the constant fighting began to break through her programming more and more but Slick’s constant threat gave her no choice but to fight him.

After the final battle between the gangs Houston 3 escaped and made her way to desert gas station to recover. Standing in front of a restroom mirror she summoned her will and finally broke through her programming and managed to break her damaged control bracelet off her forearm leaving it in the sink.

Houston exited the restroom only to see the victorious Convoy was waiting for her. Convoy, who had developed a mutual attraction to Houston, offered to help her break her OMAR conditioning and help her find out who she really was.

Houston gladly accepted Convoy’s offer and the two drove off into the sunset in the embrace of a budding romance.

For Houston 3’s 1975 Palomino I went with a custom 1970 Boss 302 Mustang since it resembled her vehicle’s make and model more closely than the 1975 Mustang which didn’t fit the look I needed.

Btw the full name of Houston 3’s special is the Super Fantastic Death Ray 3-Ax but it was too long to put as the title. :XD:

Houston 3, Super Fantastic Death Ray 3-Ax Convoy, Vigilant 8 and above mentioned characters and vehicles are copyright Activision.

Mustang copyright Ford Motor Company

If you don't know what Vigilante 8 is, read this:

In the 1970s the world was suffering from a world wide oil shortage. The USA was heavily dependant on affordable gasoline and was on the verge of an economic breakdown. Strikes, riots and crime were running rampant and all available law enforcement were brought into metropolitan areas which left the outlands unprotected.

The Oil Monopoly Alliance Regime (OMAR), a foreign multinational oil consortium had it's sights set on monopolizing the worlds oil trade and it's biggest opponent was the USA which opposed OMAR's price fixing schemes.

Bent on forcing the USA to its knees OMAR hired terrorist Sid Burn to go to the US and commit acts of mass destruction and chaos designed to send the country's economy over the edge. Sid immediately traveled the American Southwest and formed a gang called the Coyotes and began targeting American oil refineries, alternate energy sources and terrorized and robbed small towns and settlements along the way.

With nobody to turn to for help, a ragtag group of citizens victimized by the Coyotes led by the trucker known as Convoy banded together as The Vigilantes, who quickly became a major thorn in the Coyote's collective side.

Desperate to get an edge on his enemies and looking for a way to cause more destruction, Sid Burn heard the rumors of advanced weapons based on UFO technology housed at the mysterious government installation called Site-4 located somewhere near Papoose Lake, Nevada.

Ambushing Site-4 Sid's robbery went bad when the Vigilante's unexpectedly showed up and as a result the world's most advanced weaponry found it's way into the hands of both parties.

With their normal vehicles modified into rolling engines of destruction the Coyotes and Vigilantes now wage a war across the American Southwest with the fate of the USA hanging in the balance.
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lucas01lima Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
fantastic, this is the game of my childhood,but now i dowloaded v8 2nd offense in my pc
wondermanrules Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thank you! I have more Vigilante 8 art in my gallery if you're interested. :D

I love both the V8 games :love:
lucas01lima Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
me too
wondermanrules Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014   Traditional Artist
lucas01lima Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
yeah!!! you play this games?
wondermanrules Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014   Traditional Artist
Yes :D I own Vigilante 8 and Viglante 8: 2nd Offense for PlayStation :)
lucas01lima Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
vigilante 8 2nd in pc Wink/Razz  and vigilante 8 i have the disc :D (Big Grin) 
wondermanrules Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014   Traditional Artist
Nice :D
426maxwedgie Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Personally I like the generation of Mustangs that her original car was. But I must say you made this car look the part quite well.

One of the quickest ways to total a car in V8 2nd Offense is using Houston's special and then an Afterburner combo with the missiles. Just watch that opponent's health bar drain! =D
wondermanrules Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013   Traditional Artist
Thanks so much. :D 

Yeah the 1975 Mustang was nice but like I said in the description it looked nothing like her car  in the game so I went with the 1970 Boss. I think the only Mustang I really liked was the Shelby.

I never really went in for the quick kills unless I was facing Dave's cultsmen. Their spam attacks with the mini flying saucers pissed me off constantly. Especially at the port where you have to make a roadblock on the bridge. :XD:
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